History of our Hockey field

During the 1940s, the school moved to 5 Norte and had its hockey beginnings at Sporting. The Valparaíso Cricket Club worked there and the cricket field was set up to play hockey.

The students of St Margaret’s voluntarily participated in the training and then they could be part of the selection. At that time there were 3 teams and it was played by level of play and not by course as is practiced now. The beginnings in hockey were very difficult since the students had to move from school to the training place and not with the best conditions, the field was not very smooth, with several holes and bald spots and when there were waterfalls from the hill it came together with all the mud. Many of these factors influence the technique, however, the friendships that were forged were an important part of that time since they got to know their classmates from other courses better and learned from effort and teamwork.

Around 2001, people began to hear that the school could have a synthetic hockey field, which meant an injection of motivation for the students and teachers. In 2005 the College settled in Concón where it is currently located. When the students and teachers arrived, only the building had been built and there was still no pitch. Meanwhile, they trained on the concrete volleyball court.

In mid-2005, the construction of the first synthetic pitch in the history of St Margaret’s College was completed. For a long time, there were a lot of restrictions to take care of the court. Thanks to this, the field had a useful life of 17 years. Another of the most important “pluses” was the fact that the students, after their school day, stayed to train in the same establishment, without having to travel.

After these long years, the sand court had already completed its cycle and also as a school we were falling behind in modernity.

At the beginning of 2022 we announced the purchase of an installation of the new synthetic water court. Since that year we have been able to enjoy our new water court at an international professional level that was symbolically inaugurated on June 6, 2022, so that later we officially enjoy an exceptional event on October 21, 2022 with a match of the Diablas v/s Diablas Junior (Chile National Team).

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