Our History

Leading by the motto: RECTE FAC. NEC TIME, (Do Right Fear Not).

St Margaret’s British School for Girls, was founded in Viña del Mar, Chile, the year 1941.During that time, a group of British residents met with the purpose of creating an English speaking school to educate their daughters as they already had a proper place for their sons.

When the moment came to choose what it should be called, the name St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland, was considered.  The name reflected Christian values, such as kindness, nobility and strength, standards which they aimed to establish as pillars in the development of the girls who would be educated here.

The school badge was designed by inspiration on the “War of the Roses”, battle in which the Lancaster and York heirs fought over the England throne. The house of York was represented by a white rose and the House of Lancaster by a red rose. After 30 years, York defeated Lancaster, but they merged as a result of the marriage of Edward IV of York to Elizabeth Woodville from Lancaster, becoming enthroned as King and Queen of England.  The pink rose was then introduced as a symbol of England´s unity. 

The school first opened in “Calle Limache», a Viña del Mar neighborhood, and taught 64 pupils.  The school grew in number and in 1948, a huge villa with  an imposing mansion served as premises for a great number of generations.  After the 1971 earthquake which damaged the house seriously, it was demolished to give birth to the building which hosted the school until 2004 with  around one thousand young girls.

1941 - 1947

Limache Street

House that hosted the School in its beginnings, during the 40´s, located in Limache Street, Chorrillos.

1948 - 1971

Hoschild Villa

The Hoschild Villa which hosted the School until 1971.

1971 - 2004

5 Norte

Building which replaced the Hoschild Villa after the earthquake and where it stood until 2004.

2005 - Today

Bosque de Montemar

In 2005, the present, imposing large facilities facing the ocean, were inaugurated in Bosque de Montemar, located in Concón.