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Application Process Middle & Senior Admissions

Second period:

2nd Semester, according to availability of vacancies.


In relation to the applications for the levels from 5th Grade to 2nd Senior, they are subject to availability of vacancies.

Both applicants and those who rejoin are given a diagnosis, from the cognitive to the affective-social sphere, which is carried out by an interdisciplinary team (teacher, psychologist and Special Need Teacher).

This diagnosis consists of two parts:

  1. Interview with parents and applicants – Via Online
  2. Test of Skills and diagnosis of contents (Mathematics, Language and English).


The score considered acceptable for achievement is as follows:

5th Grade: 85%.

6th Grade to 2nd Senior: 80%.

If the applicant does not reach the acceptable achievement percentage, the certified letter will be returned to the attorney.

Steps to start the Application Process

  1. Download and fill out this application form
  2. Send through our contact form or via email to pmoreno@stmargarets.cl the following documents:

Admission Vacancies 2024

Middle & Senior School

Updated to March 16, 2022

Vacancies Admissions 2024

Middle School

Senior School

Fees 2023

Monthly Fees Middle & Senior School

Admission Exam Value: 1 UF
Incorporation Fee: 40UF
Enrollment: 10, 71 UF
Parent’s Association Fee: 1UF

Students from abroad

Students from abroad must bring the documents duly apostilled by the local authorities of the country of origin.

Once in Chile, the attorney must present them at the Ministry of Education.

More information: www.apostilla.gob.cl


The Admissions office assigns the day and time of the diagnoses that each applicant must take, a date that will be communicated via email and/or phone call.


The decision of the admissions committee will be communicated once all the applicant’s information has been analyzed, within a maximum period of 10 business days.

If the applicant does not reach the acceptable percentage of achievement, a certified letter will be sent to the attorney.


As of Pre Kinder, an incorporation fee of 40 UF must be paid.

This fee will be valid for all years of study.

Students who rejoin the school will not have to pay the fee again.

Incorporation fee

Each year the parents must pay a registration fee of UF 10.5 per student.


Paulina Moreno, Admissions Officer – Mail: pmoreno@stmargarets.cl

Telephone (32) 2451718