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St Margaret’s British School for Girls

St Margaret’s British School for Girls is very proud to be named after Queen Margaret of Scotland who lived during the XI century and stood out for her personal virtues and Christian values, especially for her kindness, nobility, spirit of service, commitment to her duties and for her strong faith in God.

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Carolyn Pettersen

Based on sound moral standards and together with granting value to knowledge, speaking truth and acting humbly we promote curiosity, perseverance ,critical thinking , academic rigor and leadership skills.

Our school motto: RECTE FAC. NEC TIME, (Do right – Fear not), is the light in our path.

We follow the National Curriculum and are also an IB School, offering the Diploma Programme to all our senior students, together with other international programmes and different international examinations in English throughout their school life.

Our solid academic programme offers our girls a great opportunity to explore, grow and discover their talents and reach their highest potential in languages, science, history , math, sports and the arts.

Each one of our students is deeply appreciated and we take special interest in their wellbeing and safety in a protective and caring environment. Building strong relationships is at the heart of our school.

We are preparing young girls to face challenges in a dynamic and rapidly changing world with a strong sense of participation, contribution, solidarity, and leadership ready to make a positive impact in society.


Alejandra Illanes, Magdalena Prieto, Gerald Pugh, Paulina Miranda, Rodrigo Bezanilla, Sergio Santórsola and Felipe Heidke.

Carlos Tapia

Administration & Finance Manager

M. Consuelo Cáceres

Deputy Headmistress

Nelly Saavedra

Academic Director


Bernardita Bauerle

Head of Infant School

Mónica Gutiérrez

Head of Junior School

Ignacia Benitez

Head of Middle School

Marcela Bastías

Head of Senior School

Our Team

Part of our staff team is a comprehensive team of professionals and collaborators, Teachers, Support Team, Psychologists, Administratives, Auxiliary and more.


To educate righteous leaders, capable of building their own future with the motto «Do right, fear not» (Recte Fac. Nec Time) as their guide.


To be a bilingual school of excellence, acknowledged and respected for its all-rounded education and commitment to the community.

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International Programs

Know and Live Experiences around the world

Through different programs, the students of our School have the opportunity to learn and know about cultures from different parts of the world.

Exchange Opportunities

Come and study with Us

This strong international network enables the girls from the various schools to interact with one another and undertake regular cultural visits. St Margaret’s students have benefited enormously from such opportunities, and the school plays host to over 30 foreign students every year, providing them with the chance to immerse themselves in Chilean life.

Exchange students have the option of a four-week term or year-long stay at St Margaret’s, during which time they live with a local family. Apart from improving their Spanish, what visiting students really enjoy is the Latin American experience.

That experience is further enhanced by weekly field trips, which range from visiting a horse show or sightseeing in the capital to modeling clay in a pottery town.

In addition, the school encourages pupils to get involved with community projects. These can include providing for children with special needs, visiting hospital wards or teaching English.

Headmistress Carolyn Pettersen explains: ‘It is our aim that guests will broaden their  global outlook, establish new friendships that last for good and learn to use their  initiative and develop independence – skills that will stand them in good stead for life´.

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