Importance of Arts

When education joins with the arts and cultures, a path is opened that offers boys, girls and young people the possibility of developing their full potential. A rich artistic and cultural education, meaningful, well thought out and executed, not only helps students to enrich their artistic projects, motivating them to creatively use all the local […]

History of our Hockey field

During the 1940s, the school moved to 5 Norte and had its hockey beginnings at Sporting. The Valparaíso Cricket Club worked there and the cricket field was set up to play hockey. The students of St Margaret’s voluntarily participated in the training and then they could be part of the selection. At that time there […]

Queen Elizabeth II: the legacy of a beloved and longest-serving monarch

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; She was the Queen of the United Kingdom from her accession to the throne in February 1952 until her death in September 2022. He was the main political figure of the fifty-four member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. In her specific role as monarch of the United Kingdom, she was, in […]