Infant School

Nuestro curriculum se sustenta en programas de desarrollo de la fonética, literatura, área numérica, ciencias, expresión corporal, arte, teatro y música ; favoreciendo el aprendizaje del inglés a través de un sistema de total inmersión. Todas las actividades  en el área pre escolar  se realizan en inglés.

Nuestras alumnas aprenden a socializar, compartir e interactuar positivamente con sus pares. Fomentando en todo momento la resolución de problemas a través del diálogo fraterno en un ambiente cálido y desafiante.

Además, pretendemos fortalecer el afianzamiento de los hábitos de trabajo en clases, la autonomía, la responsabilidad, el orden y respeto hacia sus compañeras, profesoras y personal del colegio.

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In Infant School our girls learn using their own curiosity to explore, feel, observe, listen, touch and discover new things through games and playful activities.
Play provides children with endless opportunities and magical memories enabling us to develop the future generations of creative thinkers and life long learners.

Our curriculum is supported by programmes such as Phonics, Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Sports, corporal expression, arts, drama and music where our girls learn English with a full immersion system.
Everything we learn in Infant School , we learn it in English.

Teachers at this level focus their efforts and dedication to the academic, social and emotional needs of each pupil, through modern methodology which consider and respect the different learning rhythm and abilities.

Considering that our goal is our girls’ welfare, we strongly believe that the coordinated work with the family, through effective communication, is an important challenge we need to face in a constructive and positive manner, no matter what obstacles may arise.

Come and join us!  St Margaret’s  is waiting for you to be part of our history.