EXPLORE Outing 3rd Graders

Queremos felicitar a nuestras alumnas de 3º Básico, que durante el miércoles 25 de octubre, participaron entusiastamente de su salida EXPLORE: Education Outdoors. En estas excursiones a cargo de sus profesoras, repasan las distintas materias pero enfocadas en la naturaleza, estudian la zona y refuerzan el trabajo en equipo, la empatía, solidaridad y autonomía.

¡Destacamos su impecable comportamiento y compañerismo!


Last week on Wednesday, October 25th, the third grade generation travelled to Viña del Mar´s Botanical Gardens to EXPLORE some of its many natural beauties. Led by their form teachers, Monica Gutierrez, Constanza Gutierrez and Maylin Rivas, the students began with a brief introduction about their learning objectives for the day which were focused on teamwork, empathy, mindfulness and being aware of their attitude, abilities and actions.
Afterwards, each teacher led their own class through 4 different areas of learning at the gardens. Students explored areas such as plants, which was inclusive of medicinal plants, the rose garden, the tropical greenhouse and the cacti garden, the pond area which included turtles, fishes and other life, and the chagual area during which they listened to the story of this unique chilean plant.
The generation was encouraged to observe, reflect and inquire. Upon completed a visit to all the main areas, teachers led their groups in a closing activity. Then lunch under the sun was enjoyed as a generation. Also accompanying on this adventure was Miss Tati, whom assisted teachers and students with specific needs.

Congratulations on a job well done teachers and students!